Walton Agriculture




  • Offset Machine
  • Vertical Rake Wheels
  • Large components. Wheels, Rotor and Throat.
  • Hydraulic Rotor drive.
  • Tandem Wheels.
  • New Rake mount Geometry.
  • Nylon Rotor Tines.
  • Double Action.


  • No worries with under-chassis clearance.
  • Clean, High Speed and Robust Operation.
  • Handles large swaths with ease.
  • Readily adjustable with no turning restrictions.
  • Follows ground contours precisely.
  • Automatically adjust to suit size of Swath.
  • Better wear and no metal in Harvester.
  • Perfect Drying and Baling conditions.

The Swathmor is unrivalled for the quality of swath left in it’s wake. It is cleanly raked onto new dry ground. Turned through 180 degrees. Airated to a perfect condition and in line to make a perfect bale. All this with a simple, fast action that will encourage you to use this machine as a matter of course to get premium dry straw processed from the field more quickly. The simple robust construction ensures little maintenance, easy to use and an unrivalled ability to deal with tram lines and lumpy swaths.

Length 5.9m
Width (working) 3.5m
Width (transport) 2.5m
Drawbar 1 x 50mm Pickup eye
Hydraulics 1 x 4 position double acting auxiliary supply and 1 x motor supply 50L/min
Lighting 1 x 7 pin standard plug for stop tail and direction lighting